Our Infertility Journey

The Beginning of Our Infertility Journey

Brett & I were married on November 11, 2011.

Brett & Patty 11-11-11I was 27 and Brett was 28.  We decided early in our marriage that we wanted to build a strong foundation with the two of us, and wait on having children until we both felt like, “it was time.”

When Brett turned 30, I stopped

taking birth control pills.  We agreed that we were going to be open to pregnancy.

At a regular OB GYN appointment that year, I let my doctor know that Brett and I had decided to not necessary “try,” but that we were no longer preventing pregnancy.  My doctor let me know that we would likely be pregnant within six (6) months.

In fact, according to WebMd, “Individually, your chances of getting pregnant are about 20% in any given month. Research suggests that out of 100 couples having regular, unprotected sex: 20 get pregnant within a month. 70 get pregnant within 6 months.

When I turned 30 a year later, and we still were not pregnant, I started thinking something may be wrong.

At my next regular OB GYN appointment, I told my doctor that we had been trying for over twelve (12) months and were not yet pregnant.

My doctor told me there was likely an issue, and when Brett and I were ready to start the journey, she would take us as far as she could.  If she couldn’t reach a conclusion for us with her knowledge and practice, she would refer us to a specialist.

After 6 more months of trying “on our own,” Brett and I were ready to start our Journey Through Infertility.

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