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What made my Mother’s Day easier after miscarriage

When I was pregnant, Brett and I had planned on telling our friends and family the news on Mother’s Day.

After my miscarriage, I knew Mother’s Day would be particularly difficult for me emotionally. It would have been the end of my first trimester and I would have been in the “safe zone.”

I knew it would be hard to see posts of my friends with their babies. It would be intolerable to not be standing in church with the other mothers for the special Mother’s Day blessing.

The day came, and what happened was no less than a gift from God.

I was sitting in church and towards the end of mass, the pastor announced that he wanted all the women in the congregation to stand. A wave of anxiety rushed over me waiting for him to mention something that qualified only Mothers, but it never came. Instead, the pastor continued on and asked for ALL women to remain standing, regardless of if they had mothered children or not. The pastor performed an amazing blessing for ALL the women in the church:

  • Mother’s
  • Adopted mothers
  • Foster mothers
  • Aspiring mothers
  • Those who mother others but who are not parents
  • Any women who was a part of Christ’s Church

It was such a caring and considerate gesture. I was moved to tears while standing.

I got to stand for the Mother’s Day blessing, and it meant the world to me.

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