Our Infertility Journey

I Found A Lump – Now What?!

While I was pregnant in March, I happened to find a breast lump while washing in the shower.

I immediately started panicking- such is my nature. I tried to have my husband find it, then tried the same with my sister (who is a nurse practitioner). Because I couldn’t consistently find it, and because my miscarriage had taken over my mind at the time, I put that panic on hold until last week.

I visited my OBGYN and she found the lump right away. She was glad that Brett and I had a “window ” for testing before we would start our fertility treatments again. She ordered a mammogram.

She did say she wasn’t very concerned, but concerned enough to send me to get everything checked out.

I’m really nervous.

My mammogram is tomorrow and I can’t stop Googling statistics around breast cancer. The results of that quest for information were the following:

  • Majority of lumps diagnosed are benign
  • Only 15-20% of diagnoses result in a malignant result
  • It’s more uncommon for women under 35 to be diagnosed outside of a benign cyst or deposit.

Anything with a 15-20% no longer gives me comfort, because I know anything can happen. All I can do is pray for the best.

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