Our Infertility Journey

I’m Scared to Take My Next Pregnancy Test

It has been nearly 28 days since my last Day 1 – which means that this week, I’m either going to find out that I’m pregnant, or that our IUI failed.

I am simultaneously trying to stay positive, “willing” the baby into existence, hoping for a Big Fat Positive, and praying for extra, extra strength if I learn that it was not meant to be this time.

I’m terrified.

What makes matters worse, is that my “Two Week Wait” is up on Father’s Day.  I will literally be taking my first pregnancy test after miscarriage on Father’s Day.  It will make great news that much sweeter.   Or, it will make bad news that much more cruel.

I”m noticing things here and there that is making me believe I am pregnant:

  • I’m smelling bath bombs every time I walk past the background
  • I’m smelling leftover food clinging to the sides of empty bowls that are far away from me
  • I’m smelling super strong marijuana on people that I pass by in the grocery store (this one was a big shocker – we live in the midwest).
  • I am  noticing light cramping days before my missed period, which is not normal for my cycle.

But AGAIN, I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much… and trying to keep my hopes up at the same time?

I’m afraid of bad news – specifically on that Day.

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