Our Infertility Journey

I’m Officially “Late” But Am I Pregnant?!

Two days ago was Cycle Day 28, which is normally the end of my cycle. I waited for any signs that “Aunt Flow” was coming to visit… and none came!

I took a pregnancy test on Day 28.

It was NEGATIVE! 😨

Okay, okay, technically my Two Week Wait isn’t over and I wasn’t supposed to be testing yet. The end of two weeks will be Fathers Day (two days from now).

It’s now Day 30, and still no signs of Auntie. But Brett and I decided not to test again until tomorrow.

I’m seriously anxious at this point. I keep on concentrating on how my uterus feels and hoping that every little minor ache isn’t an impending menstral cramp.

One more night and I’ll test again but another negative – – Lordie! I don’t know how I’ll bare it.

I prayed for extra strength to get through any bad news, and I know I’ll have it.

Honestly though, I can’t stop thinking I’m pregnant.

Pray for me (us)!!!!

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