Our Infertility Journey

My Two Week Wait Symptoms

This last round of fertility treatment is our 4th round of IUI to-date.

Our fertility doctor had told us that he believed that we would be pregnant by this hopefully final round.

This Two Week Wait Feels Different…I have Two Week Wait Symptoms.

The biggest difference – I’ve been feeling small pangs of sickness to my stomach.  They started within the first few days after my IUI, and come and go in seconds during my drive to work in the morning.  In the last two days, they’ve lasted longer and have gotten stronger after I’ve eaten lunch and dinner.  I had zero appetite for dinner yesterday, and picked through some scrambled eggs.

I didn’t tell Brett, but I snuck in a pregnancy test yesterday before dinner (and before he arrived home).  It was negative, but it didn’t make me feel negative.  I feel positive.  What else could be causing that?  It’s completely out of the ordinary.

I must be pregnant.

Another positive difference:  My nephew was eating a Root Beer flavored dum-dum sucker in the back seat of my car.  I could immediately smell the Root Beer (which is a smell I cannot stand).  My husband could not smell anything from the driver seat.  I’m HOPING that I was experiencing a more sensitive sense of smell.

And another positive difference:  I started getting emotional AF this week.  Monday I started crying when my boss told me her sister was pregnant (and had to lock myself in the bathroom to compose myself).  Tuesday I nearly took the head off of one of my agency’s AE’s because she politely interrupted me while I was balls-deep in an over-due project.  Being an emotional mess is something I usually experience with PMS – but it’s more tears-overflow than bursts of Rage.  Could it be pregnancy hormones?  I’m HOPING so.

Last notable difference: I was getting ready to go out the door today and peed quickly before washing my hands and applying the last of my make-up.  I hurried to my purse and keys and realized I had to pee AGAIN (10 minutes later?).  Now, I have been drinking a lot of water.  However, peeing that close together time-wise is new for me, regardless of how much water I’ve been drinking.  I’m HOPING that I was experiencing frequent urination.

Brett is being a bit more couscous with his positivity.   He needs “more data,” he says (which is his nature – he’s a high “C” in the DISC Assessment) before he gets too excited.

I’m well-beyond logical fact-finding at this point.  I must be pregnant.

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