Our Infertility Journey

All The Things I’m Doing To Boost My Fertility

I’m terrified.

This IUI will be our last.  That means that if I don’t get pregnant, we move on to IVF.  I don’t know if you’ve ever read about the IVF process, but it sounds like way more than I would ever want to go through.  I have had friends that have gone successfully through the process and other friends that haven’t.  After so many years of infertility, I feel like I’m at the edge of what I’m willing to put myself through.

So this time really matters.  Not that the other rounds didn’t matter, of course.  But this is my last enchilada.


That being said – here’s my list that I’m following this round:

  • No Alcohol (for either me or my hubby – which is going to be a real test of our marriage I’m sure)
  • No Caffeine (which has already made me significantly bitchier at work – my poor colleagues)
  • No Dairy (I haven’t read that dairy does anything bad per se, but I’ve seen enough documentaries to do away with cheese and coffee creamer for the month)
  • Eating Clean (which is easier said than done – you would be surprised how many things you eat have some strange Gum in it…)
  • Exercising (Did you know they have Yoga specifically for fertility?  Awesome.)
  • Drinking Fertili-Tea (yes, it’s a thing)
  • Eating Pineapple (I’ve read that this is a good thing for conception…)
  • Eating Flax Seed (same as above)
  • Praying, Praying, Praying (I literally asked my entire Facebook fellowship to pray for us on the day of our IUI).


Things I’m Trying to do (with a capital “T”):

  • Not stressing out (this is flipping hard – I am so flipping stressed with work, this IUI, other crazy family things that I have no control over… this is probably where the exercise helps)
  • Thinking “Positive” (oh my God – if one more person tells me to do this I’m going to punch them in the face — I have had so many disappointments, you can imagine how cynical I am at this point).
  • Not look for “signs” (I’m sick of that.  I have seen so many signs that ended up with zero children.  I’d rather not, but you never know…)


So that’s it.  Wish me luck.

I do believe I need it.

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