Our Infertility Journey

Our Last IUI Failed and I am Okay With It

According to the American Pregnancy Association, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) can reach up to a 20% chance of being successful with each cycle for women under 35 years old.

We had five IUIs in total over the last year, and one successfully resulted in a pregnancy (though a short-term pregnancy).  So, our story is statistically accurate.  20% of our IUIs “worked.”

Our Fertility specialist doctor told us that he normally doesn’t recommend more than three (3) rounds of IUI.  He told us that if you do not conceive within the first three cycles, it likely just won’t happen for you through IUI.  After our first cycle pregnancy and miscarriage, we asked for more.  After all, it seemed like it “worked,” for us as a treatment.

We knew that after the last round, that we would have to take the next step in our fertility journey: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).  Now at the time, this completely TERRIFIED ME, so I was doing everything I could to increase our fertility chances with our last round of IUI.  I’m talking about everything from supplements, vegan plant-forward dieting, fertility yoga, excessive water drinking, to even resorting to social media to ask for more prayers.

We thought that it worked.  I was 4 days late with no sign of Aunt Flo when we started excitedly discussing names.  Then, BOOM – period cramps.  And our dreams were dashed.

I was terrified of IVF thinking that I would not be brave enough to go through it.  But now we’re here, having to seriously consider it, and I’m not scared any longer.

It’s fascinating – this journey through infertility that we’re on.  It has taught us a lot about life, marriage, friendship, faith, and now – courage.  Something seems to be so scary until you’re out of choices, and then it just becomes something that you have to do, so you do it.

We’re scheduling our appointment with our doctor to talk about next steps.

Wish us luck.





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